Building Program at Immanuel Baptist Church

Following an extremely wet year, the summer of 2007 brought high water tables and flash flooding in the areas around Loyal, Oklahoma. This resulted in an infestation of mold that ruined the basements of the church and parsonage and caused the loss of our fellowship hall and Sunday School classrooms.

A building program that had been in the initial stages for some time was now moved into higher gear. An architect designed our 50'x70' building that is to house our new fellowship hall and classrooms. The plans are now ready to be put out for bids. Pledges and donations for building funds are needed.

The plan is to put up the shell, which includes roughed in plumbing, electrical and insulated walls. The rest of the building will be completed as funds become available. The graph at the left shows the status of funding as of January, 2009. Our goal for 2009 is to raise an additional $50k.

This building will enable us to continue in various areas of service, such as our Wednesday evening children's ministry, our Women's Ministries, banquets and Youth development.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to contribute to this worthy endeavor, please contact one of the following:

Danny Geis, Treasurer
Immanuel Baptist Church
Rt. 1, Box 58
Loyal, OK 73756

Roger Freelander, Pastor
P.O. Box 18
Loyal, OK 73756